het hem

bibliotheek & bar

Ontwikkeling en realisatie

Interieur architectuur
publieke ruimte

And Beyond Studios

Zaandam, Nederland

Luuk Smits

Eva Reuvers


Situated in a former munitions factory, Het Hem is a home for contemporary culture. Commissioned by and in collaboration with And Beyond Studios we designed several elements for the interior of the Living Room, the heart of the building.

The materials we used merge with the industrial environment, and link the entire interior together. The Library, Café Restaurant and Workspace are like islands in the vast space of The Living Room.

In The Library you can sit back and enjoy a book from the collection of Het Hem. We combined and refigured metal storage shelves and green plywood, creating bookcases that also function as benches.

The placement of the bookcase in the space creates two intimate seating areas.

Groen betonplex
Radiata pine underlayment
metalen stelling kasten met spiegels en diverse planten

In order to create a functional area for the kitchen and bar we placed a big plywood wall in the open space.

The backbar in front, integrated in the wall, consists of metal storage shelves combined with green plywood boards and mirrors, making it look playful.

The pattern of the shelves continues on the sides with swinging doors in  the wooden wall.